Trouble Shooting

The 1stClassKid+ Travel pillow is a very simple device and should provide years of trouble free operation. Following are a few problems that you may find with your pillow and what you can do to fix them.

Difficulty Pushing Out the Valve !!!
It is highly recommended that you practice manual inflation at home prior to using on the airplane. It is not difficult but neither is it completely straightforward. When you receive your pillow the valve is pushed in for packaging purposes.   If you find it difficult to pop out the valve you can warm up the plastic that surrounds the valve by using a hair dryer or hot water. The plastic heats up quickly so heat for only a few seconds.  Once the plastic is warm it should be easy to pop out –

Valve to do

Air is Leaking / There is Whistling Noise !!!
If air leaks slowly from the valve, or you hear a whistling noise when you are manually inflating this can usually be corrected by putting a very small amount of petroleum jelly on the black rubber ring on the round valve cover. If petroleum jelly is not handy, just use a bit of saliva. (Fig 4)

Figure 4

Figure 4

Air Is Leaking !!!
If the rubber seals in the valve got hot during transit or due to the use of hairdryer for inflation, it may have caused the valve seal to curl.  Please check the following –

The Strap that Holds the Valve has Come Off !!!
The combination inflation/deflation valve cover has a retention strap that keeps the cover attached to the valve body. Both the inflation and deflation covers are connected by rings in the strap. Occasionally the ring holding the deflation cover on may come off. It can be re-attached by slipping the ring over the collar between the top of the deflation cover and the inflation tube. See figure 5 below.

Retention Ring1

Figure 5

Retention Ring2

Figure 5

Manual Inflation Video OR You tube: